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Essential Oils Just Make You Smell Nice, Right?

I occasionally get asked this question and my answer is…they do make you smell nice…very nice, but that is just the tip of the oily iceberg! Pure essential oils have been effectively used for centuries throughout many cultures. There is much empirical evidence of their vast physical, physiological and emotional health benefits. Pure essential oils can have positive effects on your health by reducing tension and angst, encouraging pleasant memories and mood, helping regulate hormones, enhancing energy, reducing inflammation, improving circulation, digestion and immunity…. among many other benefits. I have personally experienced these positive effects and so have many of my clients. Synthetic fragrances on the other hand, not only do not provide health benefits, but they can also be endocrine (hormone) disruptors, attach to cell receptor sites making them more resistant, build up in your body fat and add pressure on your liver. Essential oils can replace these synthetic perfumes, as well as toxic room sprays and personal / home care products, and may be able to be used instead of some over the counter synthetic chemical substances.*

Ok, interesting, but what actually are pure essential oils?

Pure essential oils are natural compounds sourced from the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, fruit and bark of specific plants. These plants contain multi-purpose natural chemicals that are used by the plant for protection, resistance and self-healing. The oils are distilled from these plants and comprise a concentrated, complex mix of natural constituents each with varying beneficial effects. When blended according to their properties, the health benefits are made available to us.

How do essential oils “get in”?

I must admit, despite intriguing me for many years, I used to give much less credit to essential oils than I now know they deserve. I thought that, if I don’t ingest it, then how effective could it really be? Very effective as it turns out! Essential oils can benefit the body through 2 main methods: topical application and aromatically. When applied topically to the skin (diluted with a carrier oil), the essential oil can benefit locally (eg: sore muscles, head tension, inflammation) or systemically (eg: whole body, cellular, hormones) depending on the oil properties. The fat-soluble essential oil is absorbed into the epidermis of the skin or further to the circulatory system, depending on the constituents and molecular size of the oil used. Applying directly to specific nerve endings on the soles of the feet, palms and outer ears is another very effective way to use the oils. Essential oils are also beneficial when used aromatically. The aromas inhaled send a neural translation or ‘message” from the constituents via nerves to the limbic system in the brain. This system is important for emotions, memories and regulation of the autonomic nervous system. Inhalation also allows the essential oils to be received via the lungs into the blood stream and to the central nervous system via the nasal mucosa. Unlike synthetic or medicated substances, pure essential oils can be applied multiple times without side affects.* In fact essential oils are more effective for chronic or immediate needs when used in smaller quantities (ie: diluted), more frequently.

Are all essential oils the same?

In short, no. There are several factors that differentiate a pure, therapeutic grade essential oil from a lesser quality oil. The quality varies based on the botanical species of plant; growing conditions (including soil, climate and whether it is organically grown or with pesticides); time of harvest (season and time of day); harvesting process; distillation method and whether or not additives are used in the final product. Some are “fragrance oils” which are synthetically derived and more harmful. Regulation of essential oils is limited and therefore it is wise to do research and choose oils from a reputable company. Basically, ‘oils ain’t oils”, as the saying goes (at least for us 1980’s dwellers).

Branch & Vine Nutrition pure essential oil blends

Branch & Vine Nutrition is a nutrition and holistic health company based in Newcastle. As part of your holistic health journey, we have created a set of pure essential oil blends in easy to use 15ml glass roller bottles, to assist with specific physical, physiological and emotional health needs. These include:

§ Sweet Dreams – Sleep Blend

§ Tranquillity Adult – Calming Blend

§ Tranquillity Child – Child Calming Blend

§ Balanced Belle – Hormonal Blend

§ Be Still - Meditation Blend

§ In The Zone – Focus Blend

§ Peace of Mind – Headache Blend

§ Alive & Well – Immune Blend

Branch & Vine Nutrition also develops personalised blends for our client’s individual needs. We use top quality pure essential oils from a reputable company whose mission is to share pure therapeutic grade essential oils with the world. Our blends are appropriately diluted and ready to be used by you on your journey to better health and wellness.

Come into Hunter Organic Foods to try our beautiful blends or contact Branch & Vine Nutrition for more information.

Branch & Vine Nutrition

Suzie Garmeister

(Fd. Dip. Nutrition & Holistic Health)

m: 0410506082


fb/ig: branchandvinenutrition

* This information is not designed to replace your general practitioner’s advice.