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  • Free $25 Voucher

    Interested in getting a home delivery of fresh organic fruit and vegetables but not sure if it’s right for you? We’re sure you will love it but to make that first box extra sweet, we will give you a $25 voucher to use at a later date. You can use your voucher for your next delivery, in shop or at our café!
  • Make Changes

    All regular home delivery customers are able to modify what’s in their box. Each week before we deliver, you will receive a text message asking if you want to make any changes. You can set up permanent exclusions (no Brussels Sprouts ever!) or make changes on a weekly basis.
  • Add Extras

    At the same time, you can add additional items like bread, milk, eggs, meat or any other of our 100s of organic items! With a comprehensive “Organic Market Store” at your finger tips, we believe our home delivery service to be the most convenient and flexible around!
  • No extra delivery charge!

    Deliveries are Tuesday and Friday afternoons. We carefully pack all your goodies in a coolroom chilled styrofoam box. Regular customers (who live within approximately 12km of The Junction) receive our $75 box for just $65 and there is no extra delivery fee on top!


You Can Make a Difference!
  • Do you want food that is free from chemicals, mysterious numbers and other dubious additives?
  • Do you want your children to have the best start in life? To know that whatever challenges they may face, they are NOT having to deal with the potentially harmful effects of pesticides and other toxins in the foods that they need to fuel their growing bodies?
  • Do you want our farmers to be valued for what they grow for us and for them to have a future in a landscape increasingly dominated by big agribusiness?
  • Do you want to support an agricultural system that doesn't pollute our waterways and works with nature rather than against it?
  • Do you, in short, want to make choices that will make a positive difference to your health, your children's development, supporting a sustainable economy and the protection of the environment?
First Timer's Box
$75 of fresh organic fruit and vegetables Delivered free plus bonus $25 voucher Know More